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    In November 2004 when Luke Devore(vocals), Matt Polley(guitar), Jason Hetrick(drums) got together and started jamming in Meadville, PA.   We felt we were finally completed with the addition of bassist Alex Kemling in the spring of 2005.  We then played our first show that summer as a modern rock cover band under the name Polyamorous at the Buffalo Farm in Edinboro, PA.  As with many music projects, a few changes in the lineup, influences, and growth lead to a new name in 2006:  Cerebral Plane.  With a new name, we also decided to no longer be a cover band and to create our own music.  Through many struggles and a few more lineup changes the only original members, Matt and Jason, were left with the task of rebuilding which began in late 2009. 

    Pretty much at the same time in 2004, Mike Cole (current vocalist), only about an hour away in Ashtabula, OH, began working with numerous extremely talented musicians to try his hand at singing professionally. Over the next 6 years he also had trouble finding a fit, having mostly personality conflicts with other band colleagues.  One night in October of 2010, after a huge conflict at practice with a band he was in, he dropped out and immediately looked online on Craigslist (having never looked before) and by sheer chance found Matt’s ad for a vocalist.  After immediate replies, within 2 days an audition was arranged in Meadville, PA.  Matt had asked Mike to learn 4 songs (3 covers and 1 original) at which time Mike knew right away that there was likely a creative match.  Mike came prepared for the audition and we, all the members at that time, were impressed and offered him the position of lead vocalist on the spot.  Mike also was extremely impressed and told them “anyone should be honored to jam with them.”  Because of this honor, Mike continues to work and attend school in Cleveland, OH making the 2 hour and Matt coming from Erie, PA making the 1 hour drive to and from practice in Meadville, PA to meet up with Jason.  Mike’s early influences surprisingly include Nirvana, Bush, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Boys II Men, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Outkast, and who knows what else.

    The dynamic sound we produce in our originals is one of a kind. Heavy rhythm based timing patterns mixed with sometimes haunting guitar interludes along with vocals that seem to float over the heavy music underneath form the Cerebral Plane sound.  Being that we were fans before musicians, the remainder of obvious common influences include Tool, Mudvayne, Korn, Lamb of God, System of a Down, A Perfect Circle, Acid Bath, Rage Against the Machine, Rush, Deftones, Mushroomhead, Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamins, System of a Down, Led Zeppelin, Queen and many, many more.

    Our favorite part of being not only on stage but offstage as fans is the circular flow of energy/vibrations/sound.  Filling both positions we have found that it is both that feed the growth of energy/vibration and everyone’s personal experience.  When on stage, if our audience is captivated and providing a response then our response definitely corresponds and increases the energy level of our performance and in turn the audience response.  We cannot deny our addiction to this experience but also enjoy the fact that music is our creative outlet and voice.  It gives us added purpose in life and a greater sense of accomplishment.  It fulfills us, and we hope it will help to fulfill our audience as well.

    In November 2011, after a year of practice, songwriting, and only playing a couple of live shows with bassist Ken Norris, Cerebral Plane entered the locally owned and operated Fastrax Recording Studio to record their first EP.  It was completed in February 2012.   Never having been officially released, over 300 free copies were passed out to friends, family, and fans.  With the release of 3 of the 6 tracks on ReverbNation it sky rocketed Cerebral Plane to number 1 on the Meadville charts.  Feeling the need for more of a challenge and being that one of the band member lives in Erie, our ReverbNation location was then changed to Erie where there is much, much more competition.  After a few months promoting and a few shows around the area including with national acts such as Adema, Mushroomhead, and Seven Circle Sunrise, we sky rocketed to number 1 in Erie. We continue to work with several local venues and promoters in the Northwest PA and Northeast Ohio areas, spread the word as much as possible, and have a steadily growing fan base in over 35 states and several different countries.  We plan to officially release the EP that we already have or at least make it available for download on itunes and Amazon along with a full line of merchandise available in the coming months, finish out the few shows we have booked into October then hopefully be back at Fastrax Recording Studio in November to record our next EP.  We also plan to be very busy next summer with live performances and are pleased with the reaction we've gotten thus far.  We are all excited as to what the future may hold. We just take every practice and every show one at a time and see where it leads us. But, one thing is for sure, the Cerebral Plane sound is going to catch on real soon to anyone that hears it.

    During the period of late 2009 to late 2013 the group was lucky to have worked and recorded with a few talented bassists but were excited to reunite the creative pairing of Matt Polley and AK (Alex Kemling) and fully rekindle the original Cerebral Plane sound.